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Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflections on 2013

                 Well, this year has been quite great. It started off with me being a quite lonely kid at a new school. That's always fun. It didn't take long to make new friends, but I did have some of that "sit in the back of the class, loner status going on for awhile". Sometimes I prefer that, being the mysterious, classy, sassy person. It throws spice into your life. Try it sometime. It keeps people guessing.
                 Anywho, to continue with 2013, I grew a little out of the awkward shell I had, well a little. People think I'm awkward, but they just don't know comedy. I think I'm quite a funny person, Maybe a little too sarcastic sometimes. My friends never know when I'm being serious. I could say I hated them, which I would...never do, and they would think I was kidding. It's just how you know I care. My sarcasm means I am comfortable with you, you should be glad. ehehehe.
                 This past summer was fantastic also. I went to my first big Concert in Chicago, which my friend almost got in a fight at. With an old lady. CONCERTS, whew. I also did a summer program at the local Roxy Theatre, my second home practically. The love is strong there. Then I started High school..... It's actually easier than I expected, what a plot twist right? Even honors isn't too bad. All the friends I've made is quite astonishing, I have to be doing something right. They really are great, I should tell them more often probably. They inspire me, and encourage me, which is kind of why this blog is here. One of my friends has one, and I decided to start one too. Another one of my friends has been encouraging me too start a youtube channel, which I will be doing very soon, since I got the Rebel t3i for Christmas (awesome camera). It will include singing, fashion, beauty, and whatever else I or you come up with. If you like, you could check it out. No rush. Thanks for reading, hope you had a great year, friends.

Heres' the link:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What do Your Clothes Say About You?

Hello, my name is Jewel, and I have a question to ask you. What do the clothes you wear say about you as a person? I'm going to let you ponder that for a moment. Okay, moments up. So, what do they say, what do they scream? Do they say, "Look at me, I know I look good, but you can compliment me anyway?" Or maybe more along the lines, " I woke up late, and haven't had coffee yet, so leave me alone?" What ever your clothes say about you, just remember, that your style doesn't define who you are, you define what your style is. No matter what you decide to wear, wear it with confidence. Your clothes can tell a lot about who you are as a person. Are you artsy, creative, loving, edgy, classy, sassy? No matter what you are, show it to the world. It doesn't matter what they think, because your style is all about you. Go out and show who you really are.