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Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflections on 2013

                 Well, this year has been quite great. It started off with me being a quite lonely kid at a new school. That's always fun. It didn't take long to make new friends, but I did have some of that "sit in the back of the class, loner status going on for awhile". Sometimes I prefer that, being the mysterious, classy, sassy person. It throws spice into your life. Try it sometime. It keeps people guessing.
                 Anywho, to continue with 2013, I grew a little out of the awkward shell I had, well a little. People think I'm awkward, but they just don't know comedy. I think I'm quite a funny person, Maybe a little too sarcastic sometimes. My friends never know when I'm being serious. I could say I hated them, which I would...never do, and they would think I was kidding. It's just how you know I care. My sarcasm means I am comfortable with you, you should be glad. ehehehe.
                 This past summer was fantastic also. I went to my first big Concert in Chicago, which my friend almost got in a fight at. With an old lady. CONCERTS, whew. I also did a summer program at the local Roxy Theatre, my second home practically. The love is strong there. Then I started High school..... It's actually easier than I expected, what a plot twist right? Even honors isn't too bad. All the friends I've made is quite astonishing, I have to be doing something right. They really are great, I should tell them more often probably. They inspire me, and encourage me, which is kind of why this blog is here. One of my friends has one, and I decided to start one too. Another one of my friends has been encouraging me too start a youtube channel, which I will be doing very soon, since I got the Rebel t3i for Christmas (awesome camera). It will include singing, fashion, beauty, and whatever else I or you come up with. If you like, you could check it out. No rush. Thanks for reading, hope you had a great year, friends.

Heres' the link:

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