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Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Valentines Valentine?

I hope everyone had a very happy Valentines Day. On Friday I texted everyone I knew, near or far, to have a Happy Valentines Day  and I hoped they enjoyed it, including my crush. This was a big feat for me considering I am the shyest person until I warm up to you. I was on my way to school while I did all this. A little while later my crush texted back saying that he wouldn't be in school that day because he had Strep Throat, but he had a card for me to give on Monday. That literally made me ecstatic for the rest of the day. Today I received the card, which made me laugh for 10 minutes in class, with him looking at me the whole time. I gave him some chocolates with his favorite celebrity on them, which made him almost cry, it was sweet. If you want to see what he gave me, the pic will be below. I hope your week started out as well as mine. Until I write again off out!

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